CEDEM 2016 – Day 3 (20.05.2016)

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Open Space Topics


OpenDataLabs is a project that addresses the need for more transparency of administrative processes. The projects intend is to provide an equivalent to FabLabs for OpenData, where they provide not only the Software to work with open data, but an active community on top of this in order to allow broad access to OpenData-technology.

Publishing Open Access

The Open Space ended in a Discussion about Open Access and whether it makes sense for a researcher to publish open access. What advantages does open access have? To me personally it’s rather a question of what kind of research we want. One is an easy accessible channel where also independent researchers with few funds available have a chance to publish their works and the work is freely available to everyone. Closed journals on the other hand allow well-connected researchers to publish their works. Closed access publications will most likely have a greater impact as their publication are believed to have a better quality. The downside of closed research is as well that research is only available to those who can afford to pay the access-fees.

The Team behind CEDEM contributes to a relevant degree to push Open Access, which is in my opinion a development in the right direction, as good research needs no closed structure to ensure quality, but this trend to use research to gain profit rather hinders research on a global scale, as access is restricted to those with money and might exclude those with bright minds.