CEDEM 2016 Day 2 (19.05.2016)

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… continuing with random thoughts on:

Flooding in Bangkok:
In Bangkok Twitter is used to communicate crucial information for flood management. One of the issues is message quality, as misleading information in messages might do more harm than good. For this reason trustworthy twitter accounts have been created by administration to provide flood information.

Politics on Facebook in Singapore:
As about 70% of Singapore’s population uses Facebook and political Parties strongly engage on it for their political campaigns, the question arises how big the impact of social media is on the political landscape. As one might expect the numbers of the followers correlates with seats in the singaporian senate.

Political pressure on Facebook in Ukraine:
In Ukraine Facebook is used to influence the political process as well. But here it seems to be a different story in it’s details. For example a Minister resigned due to political pressure solely based on Facebook traffic, which was not even shared by the government. So it seems that influence of social media on politics is anything but negligible.